Are you a duck or a cut snake? On-site event management tip

Hello Event Ninjas! Do you like the title of today’s episode? I thought it was hilarious when I heard this saying and of course, I found a way to apply it to events! This is one simple little thing that I’m sure will stick with you whenever you are running an event. It’s my way of ensuring a fun, energetic yet calm and stress free atmosphere whenever team Venues 2 Events manage an event.   The theory goes a little like this… We have all been to an event where you see the event management team running around, stressed and slightly freaking out. This isn’t a great environment for your team and especially not for your guests.   This is what I call being like a cut snake Running around all crazy like, not really achieving anything.   So why should you be more like a duck? A duck is graceful, they glide along the surface. Now under the surface those little duck legs might be paddling like crazy but the secret is that no-one can see it.  This is where your power as an event manager lies, in creating calm in sometimes what is a very stressful environment.    So next time you are managing an event channel the duck, not the snake.  Have you been a cut snake? Or maybe you have seen a cut snake in action? I would love to hear your experiences with either ducks or snakes, leave me a comment below and I’ll be sure to reply. Keep running events, connecting people and changing lives. x Kim     Subscribe to our weekly Event Ninja News here Each week we will send you a short video with a quick tip to help you become an Event Ninja!   Below are some previous episodes you may like to check out: Should I price my event tickets to cover the cost of putting on my event? How do you tap into a wider market to promote your event? Save thousands with this one idea when booking group accommodation   Are you looking for a venue for your next event? Come on over and visit us at to find the perfect venue for your next event.   Download a copy of our gorgeous magazine The Black Book of Events here  

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