Flashback: It’s better to be the one who smiled

In our new fortnightly update, I revisit one of my earlier episodes of Event Ninja News to share a strategy that serves me well in many aspects of my life, business and running events.

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What impression do people have of you? Are you the one who smiles? Are you the one who others like to work with?

Something which keeps getting re-reinforced for me time and time again – throughout life, business and organising events is…

It’s far better to be the one who smiled than the one who didn’t!

Isn’t it better to be the person who is liked, who is good to work with, who people enjoy working with?

I get that it is a stressful industry and emotions run high.

But, it doesn’t take much to add a smile to the way you work. Shooting a very quick and simple email to a venue contact to thank them for being easy to work with can totally change your working relationship for the better. It creates a rapport which will come in handy if things don’t go according to plan or you need a little extra help from that person. They’re more likely to want to help you if you have a good working relationship.

Now, like I said… this is something which can work in all aspects of your life and business. Even if you’re having a bad day, why not try smiling at the person at the supermarket checkout and see how good it makes you feel. And I guarantee it has brightened their day too! 

Do you have any stories about how a simple smile improved your day, event or working relationship? I’d love to hear it. Leave me a comment here and I’ll be sure to reply.

Keep running events, connecting people and changing lives. 

x Kim


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