The new way to share your event run sheets and registration information

In our new fortnightly update, I revisit one of my earlier episodes of Event Ninja News to show you a great way to share your event run sheets and registration information.

Watch today’s episode for my full description or keep reading for a quick overview.


Shared Google spreadsheets – if you’re not using them, then this is the episode for you!

When it comes to collecting registration information do you use online forms? Something like Survey Monkey or WuFoo forms? If you do, you can use a great application called Zapier. Zapier “zaps” all of the data from your online form directly and automatically into a google spreadsheet

There a few benefits to doing this:

  • Data is easier to work with in a spreadsheet
  • Google spreadsheets are easily shared with others – this way you won’t be constantly contacted for updates to the registration list
  • You can specify who has editor access to the sheet so you still have ultimate control over the data

The same goes for run sheets – Google spreadsheet can be really useful when it comes to sharing information with your client and suppliers.

If you’re not already using them, get on board now!


Do you have a tip on how to collect and share registration and event-related information? I’d love to hear it. Leave me a comment below and I’ll be sure to reply.

Keep running events, connecting people and changing lives. 

x Kim



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