Tips for setting up a problem free event presentation computer

Today’s episode of Event Ninja News is one you do NOT want to miss! This week, I am answering your questions on how to set up a problem-free event presentation computer. Watch this week’s episode for my full description or keep reading for a quick overview. If there is one episode of Event Ninja News you don’t want to miss… this is it! We had a question from Marcus who asked: “Do you have any tips for setting up a problem free presentation computer? I always have a fear that the laptop I plug into the projector might not be set up right and get pop ups mid presentation.” How many times have we all felt that same fear? I know I have! Presentations are one of the most important parts of your event… in most cases it is what people have come to see and is a key component of conveying your message effectively. The last thing you want is for it not to work on the day. So, here are a few of my top tips for getting it right: START Right at the very beginning, as soon as you have chosen your venue, ask them what format your presentation needs to be in (16:9 or 4:3). Also pass this information on to any speakers providing their own presentations. TWO OPTIONS 1. Use the venue computer and hire and AV operator This is my preferred option as the computer will be set-up correctly and the AV technician will know what to do if it’s not. You still need to make sure you arrive early to the venue and do AV test. 2. Use your own computer If you chose to use your own computer, there are a few things to remember: Go to the venue before your event (days, weeks or even months before!) – plug your computer in and test it on the venue projector. Bring your power cable and any adaptors you may need (the usual ones are HDMI, VGA and a MAC adaptor). Make sure there is an AV technician on call if needed.   BEFORE YOU GET TO THE VENUE Take all of your own items off the desktop, so you just have the presentations there and you can easily find them. Remove your password. Put computer in do not disturb or presentation mode to avoid pop ups Turn off computer sleep mode so it’s doesn’t go to sleep halfway through a presentation.   So, there you have it… follow these few tips and you won’t have to worry about technology letting you down when you need it most!   Before you go, come on over and check out Event Ninja Academy. It’s my new online training program where you get access to all of the video training templates and checklists you will ever need to run successful events. Enrolment closes 1st March so check it out now. Do you have any tips or stories you’d like to share on how to make sure your presentations work on the day? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment here and I’ll be sure to reply. Keep running events, connecting people and changing lives. x Kim   Subscribe to our weekly Event Ninja News here Each week we will send you a short video with a quick tip to help you become an Event Ninja!   Below are some previous episodes you may like to check out: Should I price my event tickets to cover the cost of putting on my event? How do you tap into a wider market to promote your event? Save thousands with this one idea when booking group accommodation   Are you looking for a venue for your next event? Come on over and visit us at to find the perfect venue for your next event.


  1. Hi Kim,
    The way I avoid pop-ups or anything else during a presentation is to have a designated laptop solely for presentations. I could never use mine as I have far too many desktop icons 🙂

    1. That’s a fantastic idea Shana… no chance of a reminder to make a dentist appointment popping up then!
      Thanks for sharing.
      x Kim

  2. Hi Kim,
    Thanks for this insight.
    Another method I have is to set up a new user on my presentation laptop and keep this user really clean and logged out of everything so popups will not appear.

    My next questions – time tables leading up to events. Do you have a process for this?

    The Lucky Marcus 🙂

    1. Hi Marcus,

      Love it! Awesome tip.

      Also, thanks for the a great question… it’s one I’ll be covering in an upcoming episode of Ninja News!


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