Why we don’t attach lanyards to name badges for registration

In today’s episode of Event Ninja News I explain why we don’t attach lanyards to our name badges at the registration desk.   Watch this week’s episode for my full description or keep reading for a quick overview. Our first reason is a practical one. It’s important to have your name badges laid out neatly on your registration desk, so you can easily find a guests badge when they come to register. This can get very messy, very quickly if the lanyards are attached. Especially if you don’t have a lot of space.   Secondly, and probably more importantly, it’s nice to have a touch point with each of your guests. The time it takes you to attach the lanyard gives you a chance to have a chat to each guest; ask them any questions or give them any extra information they need.   Do you attach lanyards to your names badges? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave me a comment below and I’ll be sure to reply. Keep running events, connecting people and changing lives. x Kim   Subscribe to our weekly Event Ninja News here Each week we will send you a short video with a quick tip to help you become an Event Ninja!   Below are some previous episodes you may like to check out: Should I price my event tickets to cover the cost of putting on my event? How do you tap into a wider market to promote your event? Save thousands with this one idea when booking group accommodation   Are you looking for a venue for your next event? Come on over and visit us at www.venues2events.com.au to find the perfect venue for your next event.

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